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to changing the law that restricts building heights in washington. city officials want taller buildings to accommodate all the growth downtown. the national capitol planning commission voted against any major changes. issa says he doesn't want to write off changing that law that generally requires buildings to be no taller than the width of the streets they face. >>> we are learning of new delays for the opening of the silver line. jim handly is at the live desk with more. >> the silver line was supposed to open in january. we are learning now about new potential issue that is could delay the project. the metropolitan airport says testing has identified problems with the train control system. they tell us software changes are being made now to make the system right. after the changes are made, more testing will be done before the project is handed over to metro. bottom line, riders may not be able to ride the silver line until the end of march. officials say their goal is safety and they want to make sure everything is perfect before opening the silver line for passenger travel. from th
the device and technology says the federal law -- >> doesn't state it has to be received. >> reporter: they don't require text messages be used. georgetown university allowed news 4 cameras into their emergency centers. students download an app, they see trouble and alert police. the iphone cameras are seen on police tv monitors. >> we get their location, we get audio and we get video from the scene. >> reporter: it, too, is opt in. voluntary. private companies are marketing key fobs, a device that lights up with emergency messages hoping schools make it mandatory. >> most of us don't want to carry that. >> closed roads, open roads happen through here. >> reporter: d.c.'s homeland security has a silver bullet. the commercial mobile alert system, a push alert that hits every phone in d.c. with a text alert in the case of an emergency. universities have been called to inquire about it. the trouble is, they can only send alerts to the entire district of columbia. >> so many times they turn it off. >> howard university says they use text alerts for matters of an immediate threat. if notif
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2